Pavka strihá
Pavka in work
V peci
Vzor mapa pripravený na export na sieťku
Sample map ready for export to screen printing

We strive to create utility ceramics which is modern and simple, but at the same time entails the experience and beauty of traditional Modra or Hutterite ceramics. That is why we decided to connect what's good and of quality from both the old and new design and thus create original Slovak ceramics.


There still remain a couple of artists and craftsmen in Modra, who are able to create and decorate a vase or a bowl just like the old masters three hundred years ago. In coopeartion with them we select old patterns and shapes, which we try to adapt to modern needs and design. We also cooperate with young Slovakian designers who respect tradition but are not afraid to come up with new ideas or work procedures.